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Colored Pine Straw

Colored Pine Straw

Pine straw is a natural looking and superior bedding for trees, plants and flower beds. It is high in nitrogen and decomposes. Unfortunately, it decays rather quickly and that “fresh straw” look only lasts a few weeks. Spray Squad provides a unique approach to making your pine straw beds look fresh year round!

Southland Organics Spray Squad provides top quality southern longleaf pine straw and premium coloring applications. Our alliances have allowed us to secure a large portion of the longleaf needle supply instead of relying on cheaper slash products.

Our superior colored pine straw provides an eye-popping “fresh straw” look year round. We are so confident in our products and services that we offer an incredible 9 MONTH GUARANTEE from the date of application!

After eight weeks both pine straw and mulch begin to decompose, break down and break apart. They lose their brilliant fresh coloring and start looking dull. Spray Squad customers do not have to experience the letdown. Our colors look fresh all year long. We allow property owners a significant discount as subsequent coverings are only for a refreshing, and the expense is much less while looking much better. Why replenish pine straw or mulch multiple times per year? Spray Squad costs property owners much less money year after year!

If you are looking for improved property values and increased the lifespan of your straw beds, then Spray Squad colored pine straw is the only choice.

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We believe in beautiful lawns that are free from harmful chemicals to provide a safe environment for our families, pets, and community.
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