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Organic Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Care Benefits Your Family & The Earth

Different grasses may have different needs, but one thing remains constant - healthy soil produces healthy grass. At Southland Organics we focus on the soil first. Our proprietary, organic lawn care products are specifically designed to maximize soil health and nutrient uptake.

Spray Squad's organic lawn care program consists of seven organic treatments. Each treatment aims to enrich your soil and nourish your grass. Healthy lush lawns crowd out most weeds. We firmly believe in a natural approach to weed control, but we also come equipped with powerful yet non-selective weed killers.

Our products contain several beneficial bacteria and fungal species that competitively exclude most dangerous fungal infections that could influence your lawn.

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We have crafted an easy to follow 1, 2, 3 Phase System. Each phase represents a stage of annual lawn care.

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We believe in beautiful lawns that are free from harmful chemicals to provide a safe environment for our families, pets, and community.
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