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Pine Straw for Sale Athens GA

Pine Straw Athens GA

Southland Organics Spray Squad started in the ground cover business shortly after our creation. The desire is to help local homeowners, businesses and other landscape companies with quality ground cover solutions. Pine needle mulch is an area where we excel.

We have properly sourced the highest quality longleaf straw from South Georgia. The Longleaf Pine Tree are majestic trees in the Southern landscape. There is a major difference in our long leaf pine straw versus the straw that you might find at big box retailers, local stores, or lower priced landscapers. The advantages are numerous;

  • Longleaf pine straw is roughly 14 inches in length.
  • Longleaf is much more durable and long lasting vs slash straw.
  • Longleaf is considered the premium pine needle used for landscape projects requiring the highest quality straw.
  • Longleaf is heavier and better for erosion control.
  • Slash averages 9 inches in length.
  • Slash breaks down rapidly in beds.
  • Slash is used for basic commercial or home landscape projects.
  • 1 bale of Slash will cover roughly 50 square feet.
  • 1 bale Longleaf will cover roughly 70 square feet.
  • Our pine straw bales do not contain sticks or pine cones.

Pine straw mulch is a ground cover that decomposes like any organic material. It is economical and easy to apply but pine straw decomposes at a fast rate. Spray Squad offers quality pine straw coloring. This service enables property owners great savings as the straw only needs to be replenished or touched up once per year. The added colorant is visually appealing.

Spray Squads long needle pine straw adds durability and exceptional beauty to landscapes, apartment complexes, golf courses, subdivision entrances, commercial properties, and more!

Advantages of pine straw mulch

  • Protects plants and roots from the cold.
  • Great for controlling weeds.
  • Looks great when freshly applied.
  • Termites do not like pine straw.
  • Loved by most plants especially acid loving plants

How to purchase

We want to be honest - this is not a money maker for us. We want to earn your business so that we become your trusted source for mosquito spray services, landscaping and hardscaping, and pine straw coloring. That is why we offer the best online pricing and quality materials and service.

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Receive A Free Quote
Simply complete the form on the page and we will lookup your address and connect with you to provide a risk free quote for your property.

Our premium longleaf is only $4.25 per bale. You can compare with others on cost but not on quality.

We will load your vehicle then settle up. We take all major credit cards, cash or check.

Pine Straw Delivery

We do provide delivery on 100 bale minimums. We will load and pack on a trailer and drop off at your location. Price per bale is $4.85.

Since demand is high we do ask for pre-payment and an unscheduled delivery. We will certainly work to accommodate your schedule if we can but the demand is high and coordination is challenging.

Delivery and Installation

We will load, deliver and install at $6.25 per bale. Remember 100 bales covers approximately 7000 square feet. Don't fret, we have no problem taking back bales that we do not use.

Premium Colored Pine Straw

Spray Squad will deliver, install and color seal our quality longleaf pine. This process is tried and true. By professionally applying colorant life span of the straw is significantly extended. The colorant coats and adds a protective barrier. The barrier encapsulates and prevents the straw from decomposition. You will realize an eye-popping natural color that lasts throughout this increased life span. We are so confident in our process that we provide a 9 MONTH GUARANTEE from the date of application!

How to apply

If you are a homeowner wanting to apply it yourself follow the simple steps that we use with our teams.

  1. Unload the bales and distribute them evenly in the locations where they are to be spread.
  2. Drop a bale every 10 - 12 feet in the coverage area
  3. Unroll the bale twine. You want to have a bag or pocket to store all of the bale twine. Professionals can quickly strap it like a backpack.
  4. Quality bales will unfold into "leaves." Grab 1 to 2 leaves in each hand.
  5. Bale leaves should be shaken over the ground so that it is fluffy.
  6. Pine straw should be spread to a depth of 3 inches.
  7. Use a rake or other gardening device to tuck the straw around the bed edges
Pine Straw Athens GA


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