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Fire Ant Control

We Provide You With Fire Ant Control For A Safe Environment

Spending time outdoors should not risk the health of your family and pets.  Enjoy your lawn by safely eliminating these pesky pests from your yard with a Yard Paint from Southland Organics Spray Squad.

Upon arrival, we will blow open any visible ant beds as well as hardscapes, drives, and walkways. This fire ant control procedure allows us to review each detail of the insect's population and habitat. Once we have identified trouble areas in the hardscapes, we will apply our powerful yet safe ant eliminator products. The insect population will be attacked and killed through the natural pheromone interrupters. The emulsifiers will work to kill the exoskeleton mechanically.

The next step is to paint the yard with fire ant control eliminator. While safe for immediate occupancy by pets and people, the product will attack and kill any ants, fleas, ticks or unwanted grubs.

We run this pest and fire ant control program on an as needed basis and price by the size of the yard.  If you would like a safe and insect free lawn contact us today.

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