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No See Ums Prevention

Ceratopogonidae, or biting midges, are a family of small flies. These flies are sometimes referred to as no-see-ums, midges, sand flies, and even punkies. In the deep South, we call them no-see-ums. Yes, our fathers were very creative in naming conventions. Whatever you want to call them, they are a nuisance!

These little guys can penetrate a porch screen with little effort due to their tiny size, but they do pack a big bite. Most no-see-ums have gray or yellow bodies. When full grown, they look similar to a small mosquito. 

In similar fashion to its mosquito cousin, the no-see-um will lay eggs near water, mud or moist areas. The egg incubates for a month and then hatches into larvae. The adult life is centered around eating and reproducing. Oddly enough only the female no-see-um will bite animals to draw blood. The reasoning is to get additional protein nourishment for reproducing. Therefore, if you are getting a lot of no-see-um bites, you know that you are contributing to the cycle and it will continue to get worse as the summer rolls on.

It is not uncommon for people to have an allergic reaction to the no-see-um bites. Some people need to seek medical attention while others develop severe welts.  Often they end up around the mouth, nose, ears, and eyes. An attack can be particularly troublesome to tourists.

No-see-ums can wreak havoc on crops, especially of nectar producing berries, etc. .

No-see-ums are killed during our Safe Spray Service:

One-time spraying. Give us a week or more notice before your picnic, party or event, and we will time our Safe Spray Service no see ums prevention application a few days prior so that the occurrence of mosquitoes & No-See-Ums will be DRASTICALLY less. These one-time mosquito spray applications start at $79.

Safe Spray Service Program

The Safe Spray Service Program is a 10-application program that runs from late spring through early fall, from March to September when mosquitoes & No-See-Ums are active to safely control these dangerous pests. We typically base the cycle on the temperatures.

Each no see ums prevention application targets mosquito hot spots such as low tree branches, shrubs, and ornamental grasses, and undersides of decks. Periodic treatments are highly recommended in order to break the lifecycle.

Don’t want any bites this year? Get no see ums prevention from Southland Organics Spray Squad!

No See Ums Prevention

An adult no-see-um wreaking havoc!

No See Ums Prevention

Context of just how tiny no see ums are and how they derived their Southern reference.

No See Ums Prevention

Amazing welt left on some poor soul's ankle.

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