Organic Pest Control

Southland Organic's Perfect Turf Program.

We manufacture organic lawn care products that are used nationwide by many professional applicators. Now we bring our expertise home to provide our community with exceptional products and service.
How does our process work?
Organic Lawn Care Products Pre-Notification

The day before each and every visit to your home, you will receive a text or email, to let you know of your scheduled service.

Organic Lawn Care Products Arrive and Assess

Every time the Southland Spray Squad comes to your home, they will first assess the condition of your lawn to identify and address any weed, insect, or fungus issues. This personalized approach allows us to identify your specific needs.

Organic Lawn Care Products Comprehensive Application

We keep our team consistent. The same Southland Spray Squad members will serve your property all season long. You get to know them; they get to know your lawn. Each visit, they will make a precise application to all lawn areas, including hard to reach areas like flower bed edges and along hard surface edges.

Organic Lawn Care Products Clean Up

It’s a simple but often overlooked step by other companies. Upon completion of application of our organic lawn care products, we will always blow clean your street, driveway, sidewalks, porch, and patios. Our organic lawn care products are for nourishing your lawn, and we make sure that’s where they end up.

Organic Lawn Care Products Service Summary

Before your technician leaves, they will leave a comprehensive report of exactly the actions performed and any recommendations or suggestions. We take it a step further and send those reports to your email inbox the day after each application. Your lawn is important to you. Therefore, we feel that it is important to nourish, inform, and guide.

Other companies use chemical fertilizers that merely paint your grass green and disregard the conditions of the soil. Our approach is to feed the soil first in a very natural manner. Our fertilizers nourish your soil and gently feed your lawn. And of course, they’re pet, child, and environmentally friendly. We understand the importance of organic acids, activated carbon and microbiology.

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We believe in beautiful lawns that are free from harmful chemicals to provide a safe environment for our families, pets, and community.
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