Organic Pest Control

Organic Lawn Care Service

Organic Lawn Care Service

Southland Organics Spray Squad is dedicated to quality and sustainable care for your family’s outdoor environment.

Lawn Care Service

Southland Organics's Organic Lawn Care Service is not only one of the fastest growing lawn care companies in Georgia but we are the manufacturer of lawn care products that serve many companies and institutions nationwide.

Insect Control

Southland Organics Spray Squad offers area mosquito spraying and outdoor insect control services. With all-natural products based on essential oils and emulsifiers, our effective product line is safe for families and pets.

Tree & Shrub Care

Spray Squad can nurture your ornamental trees and shrubs too. By amplifying nature’s nutrients with our organic landscape fertilizer's and amendments we assist in developing amazing flower beds and more.

Interested in making a change in your lawn care service?

Why choose another big name, chemical lawn company that does business the same today as the industry did in the 1970s? Times have changed. Unfortunately, most lawn chemical companies have not.

When you choose to partner with Southland Organics Spray Squad, you immediately begin to make a difference. Making a difference begins with our "soil first philosophy." It is the basis for our entire philosophy on lawn care. Natural materials feed your lawn and landscape better without the harsh chemicals. And beneficial microbiology creates a healthy, living lawn.

Southland Organics was established in 2009 with a passion for sustainable agriculture, gardening and for producing fine turf. We manufacture sustainable lawn care products for many companies and institutions nationwide, but now we have decided to launch Spray Squad to bring our product lines home to Athens, Georgia.

It is our chief aim to show our community that a beautiful lawn does not need heavy synthetics that damage our local environment. Make the switch to organic lawn care service.

There is a smarter way.
There is a healthier way.
There is Southland Organics.

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Perfect Turf

We believe that the lawn should look as good as possible but we also prioritize the health of the soil way above the temporary looks of a manicured lawn. Thankfully, many people like yourself are starting to realize the need for change. There is now a strong interest in organic lawn care service, natural lawn care or "least-toxic turf care". The growing interest is for the following reasons:

  • To eliminate pesticides from recreational areas such as lawns, parks, golf courses, and athletic fields
  • To eliminate exposure of people and pets to harmful synthetic chemicals
  • To decrease susceptibility of turf grass to pests, diseases, and drought
  • To reduce the runoff and leaching of excess nutrients and pesticides into surface and ground waters
  • To enhance biodiversity, which contributes to the conservation of species (birds, bees, beneficial insects, herbs, others)

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Organic Lawn Care Service
Organic Lawn Care Service
Your family deserves the optimal lawn without the dangers.

Ready to Make the Switch?

Organic Lawn Care Service

Organic Lawn Care Service
Organic Lawn Care Service
Organic Lawn Care Service
Organic Lawn Care Service
Organic Lawn Care Service
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We believe in beautiful lawns that are free from harmful chemicals to provide a safe environment for our families, pets, and community.
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